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Frozen Aus Jack's Creek Wagyu 400days Grain Fed MS4-5 Tri Tip for Yakiniku 300g*

Frozen Aus Jack's Creek Wagyu 400days Grain Fed MS4-5 Tri Tip for Yakiniku 300g*

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Jack’s Creek is a leader in breeding, growing, feeding, processing and marketing a range of premium beef. The products are proudly produced from Australian grain-fed Wagyu and Black Angus cattle.

It got the multi-award winner in the ‘World’s Best Steak’  competition for 2021, Awarded gold medals for the World’s Best Grain Fed Steak, World’s Best Fillet Steak, and the World’s Best Ribeye Steak.

It operates under strict Australian quarantine regulations and BRC Global Quality Assurance Standards. These certifications underpin their beef quality and safety and provide fundamental protection for the end consumer, providing each customer with tender and juicy beef, full of flavour with every bite!

WAGYU X: 400-Day Grain Fed F1 Wagyu is crossing the two most proven marbling breeds, Wagyu and Black Angus, F1 product is bred for flavour. Juicy and succulent, this beef is a truly unique eating experience.

Tri-tip is a triangular cut of beef cut from the bottom of the sirloin. Named after its triangular shape with a tapered “tip”, tri-tip might just be one of the most flavourful cuts of meat that you’ve never heard of.

Rich and meaty in flavour and low in fat tri-tip cooks like a tender steak but slices like a brisket – perfect for people who want to do a brisket-like cook-up but don't have the time. It can be smoked, barbecued, grilled or roasted, but it’s always best when cooked to a nice medium rare, before letting it rest and slicing.

The Tri-tip is the premium tai-tip meat on the upper thigh of the cow, it has more special parts of meat with heavy body fat. It has a rich beef flavour and a tender texture which is suitable to be cut into thin slices for both yakiniku or barbecue. 

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

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