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Frozen Aus Veal Bone-in Mini Rack (4 ribs)

Frozen Aus Veal Bone-in Mini Rack (4 ribs)

Item #204083
HK$735.0 / unit (around 1.5kg)
1.5kg stand for the average weight of the piece. We will invoice @ $49 / 100g based on actual weight.
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Australian Veal is called Stirk Veal (or sometimes Rose Veal for its pink colour). 

Veal is meat from calves, normally between six and seven months old, during their growth, it is mainly fed with dairy. Its fat content is also lower than ordinary beef.

The veal is pure and clean, the texture is tender and juicy! It is relatively low fat and rich in flavour with a light milk flavour.

Premium butchers and chefs choose it for its pink colour, melt-in-the-mouth tenderness, eating quality, flavour and superior performance.

Vealers are raised naturally and roam freely in their natural environment, feeding on their mother’s milk, in lush natural pastures.

At all stages of livestock handling, we maintain exceptional husbandry practices and follow strict protocols.

A smaller version of prime rib with 4 rib racks weighing 1 - 1.5 kg. These make for easy serving as each person can be given one rib instead of having to carve a full prime rib roast.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below.

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