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Frozen Iceland Atlantic Cod Portion

Frozen Iceland Atlantic Cod Portion

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HK$33.8 / unit (around 0.13kg)
0.13kg stand for the average weight of the piece. We will invoice @ $26 / 100g based on actual weight.
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The Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) should be cooked in medium heat. The very flaky texture makes it difficult to grill, poach or prepare using other cooking methods that don’t support the entire structure of the fish. That’s why this fish is so often incorporated into fish cakes or prepared as a baked dish. Alternatively, you can hold the fillets together by coating them in egg and herbed breadcrumbs, then baking at medium heat in a buttered baking pan until the juicy white meat just flakes off the fork.

It's MSC standard as an environmentally responsible fishery.

It's cut and packed into around 120-150g per piece (Skinless & Boneless)

Storage : Keep frozen at -18°C or below
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