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Frozen US Alaska Wild Sockeye Salmon for Babies 100g*

Frozen US Alaska Wild Sockeye Salmon for Babies 100g*

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This is frozen Wild Catch Alaskan Sockeye Salmon - Skinned and Boned.

Sockeye has dark red flesh and is a richly textured and highly flavorful salmon. While King Salmon (Chinook) garner much of the salmon limelight, sockeye is highly prized for their flavour. In addition to being wild caught this comes with the additional pedigree of being caught and processed by the Sun'aq Tribe in Kodiak. This small tribe of 1600 people practice sustainable, small scale fishing practices.

This fish is skinned and boned. Ideally it's cut from the thin tail section as there is less chance of hidden bones. All practicable precautions are taken to ensure the fish is free of bones. It is prudent however that fish be checked before being fed to infants or toddlers.

Size : 100g per pack for Babies.

Storage : Keep frozen at -18°C or below.

Product of USA


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