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Frozen Spain La Ouinta Precooked Quarter Suckling Pig*

Frozen Spain La Ouinta Precooked Quarter Suckling Pig*

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The family has more than 50 years of experience in the industry since 1967. 

All Tabadillo suckling pigs are 100% naturally fed, and the farms are spacious because animal welfare comes first for Tabladillo: an animal that has lived a stress-free life will have more tender and tasty meat.

They have special plans to guarantee animals’ welfare and prevent stressful conditions, so as to get tenderer, tastier meat.

Spanish roast suckling pig (Cochinillo) is a famous dish in Segovia. Many famous restaurants in the area use suckling pigs prepared by this family as raw material. With clear, almost white rind and slightly pinkish meat with unmistakable tenderness.

A key feature is the inner fat; the outer fat once cooked will be crispy and amber in color.

Put individually vacuum-packed Pre-cooked suckling pig quarter, 45 minutes roasting the skin in the oven until gets golden and crispy, and ready to eat

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

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