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SSmile Club Introduction

Upgraded Reward Program!

Upgraded Reward Program for members! It's now easier than ever to earn membership rewards.

South Stream Market SSmile Reward Program is designed to reward our member for shopping with www.southstreammarket.com.  It is absolutely FREE and takes only one simple step to join.  Just register to become a South Stream Market member and be automatically enrolled in this SSmile Reward Program. The membership begins at the Silver tier and SSmile(the new currency of bonus point) help you climb the tiers.


How to Earn SSmile

Start earning SSmile as soon as you shop with southstreammarket.com. Basically, you will earn 1 SSmile for every $1 you spend on net purchases after discounts/rewards/redemption coupons have been applied.  

Type of Membership

You will be awarded to upgrade the tier with a certain annual spending power per year:

  • Silver Tier : $0 - $10,000 
  • Gold Tier : $10,000.1 - $30,000 
  • Diamond Tier : $30,000.1 or above 

Once upgraded the status, you will maintain such status for 12 consecutive months. Re-qualify is required to maintain the current status in every consecutive 12-months.


Earn More SSmile in Upper Tiers

  • Silver Tier : $1 = 1 SSmile
  • Gold Tier : $1 = 2 SSmiles
  • Diamond Tier : $1 = 3 SSmiles

The more you spend, the more benefits you'll receive as you move through the tiers.


Keeping Track of SSmile/Reward

You can keep track of your SSmile, Status and Reward by simply clicking on Bonus Points, My Rewards under My Account.  

Note: SSmile earned from each purchase will be credited to your account after the invoice has been issued for delivery to take effect, not at the moment when the order is placed.


Redemption of Reward

You can redeem the reward via Redemption section under My Account. Tick off the redemption coupon of your choice to initiate redemption and fill in the promo code given for the corresponding " Coupon" before completing the checkout.

Redemption Choice

3,000 SSmiles = $80 coupon

(1) Minimum order amount is still required while using "Reward/Coupon". 
(2) Only one promo code can be used for each transaction. 
(3) There will be no refund on any residual balance of a "Reward/Coupon" of which the face value is greater than the total amount of the purchase.


SSmile Expiration

Basically, all SSmile will expire in twelve (12) months from the calculation start date and those SSmile earned in 10th, 11th, 12th months can carry forward to next twelve(12)months. There will be no revalidation of expired SSmile or Rewards whatsoever. All active or valid SSmile and Rewards are uploaded in Bonus Points and My Rewards sections for members’ easy reference.
New members register from 1/6/2020 onward: 
SSmile will expire in twelve(12)months from the registered date. 
Existing members without purchase within one(1) year: 
SSmile will expire in twelve(12)months from the first purchase on or after 1/6/2020. 
Existing members with purchase within one(1) year: 
SSmile will expire in twelve(12)months from the first earned date of unused bonus points since between 1/6/2019.

In case of goods returned, the corresponding SSmile earned from the purchase of the returned goods will be deducted from the member’s account accordingly. 

All SSmiles are non-transferable and only valid for use by the registered member.

By joining the South Stream Reward Program(SSmile Club), you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the Program Terms and Conditions.



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