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Frozen Iceland Atlantic Haddock Fillet - Skin On

Frozen Iceland Atlantic Haddock Fillet - Skin On

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HK$80.0 / unit (around 0.25kg)
0.25kg stand for the average weight of the piece. We will invoice @ $32 / 100g based on actual weight.
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Haddock is a North Atlantic white fish with a very distinctive black blotch - known as the “Devil’s thumbprint” - just above the pectoral fin and an easily recognizable black lateral line running down its side.

Haddock is the perfect fish when smoked for flaking into dishes such as the traditional Anglo-Indian kedgeree. Often served up for breakfast, kedgeree is made on the stove top by combining flaked smoked haddock, boiled rice, parsley, hard boiled eggs, curry powder and cream. Another popular breakfast dish uses smoked “Finnan Haddie” (named for the fishing village of Finnan in Scotland where it was originally cold-smoked over peat), which is then poached in milk. 

It's certified as an environmentally responsible fishery by MSC.

It's cut and packed into around 200-350g per piece

Storage : Keep frozen at -18°C or below
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