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Frozen NZ Wild Caught Orange Roughy Fillet (pc)

Frozen NZ Wild Caught Orange Roughy Fillet (pc)

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HK$42.5 / unit (around 0.17kg)
0.17kg stand for the average weight of the piece. We will invoice @ $25 / 100g based on actual weight.
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Our orange roughy is certified sustainable seafood, caught under regulation.

This New Zealand favourite is a mild flavoured white fish and can be pan, grilled or steamed.

Orange roughy has a mild and flaky texture with white or brown flesh.

You can prepare it in numerous ways, including grilled, fried, baked, sauteed, or steamed. It pairs well with just a little lemon, fresh herbs, butter, and olive oil, all of which can enhance the flavor or prevent it from frying out too quickly.

Orange roughy contains high levels of omega-three fatty acids, protein, vitamins A and D, and calcium while having relatively low levels of fat.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

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