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Frozen NZ Wild Caught Sole (baby size) 100g*

Frozen NZ Wild Caught Sole (baby size) 100g*

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New Zealand Sole Fillet (Peltorhamphus novazeelandiae or Pelotretisflavilatus) is delicate white flesh in a sweet, subtle flavour and a low oil content. Upper fillets are slightly darker, but whiten on cooking. We do not use larger fish for Babies because it tends to accumulate naturally occurring heavy metals, especially mercury in their fatty tissues as they are older and larger. 

This fish is skinned and boned. All practicable precautions are taken to ensure the fish is free of bones. It is prudent however that fish be checked before being fed to infants or toddlers.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below.

It's cut and packed into 100g.

*This product may contain fish bone, please be aware when eating!*

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