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Smoked King Salmon Cracker Combo

Smoked King Salmon Cracker Combo

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The delicious Cold Smoked Salmon by Sanford and Sons is cured in a unique marinade and gently smoked over NZ manuka to give our distinct, delicate flavour.

A unique product in the market is smoked salmon made with King Salmon. 

The New Zealand King Salmon is sustainably ocean-farmed in the cool waters of the deep south (Big Glory Bay) where it grows slowly, developing a rich, smooth taste. It is then cured in a unique marinade before being gently smoked over manuka wood to give it a distinctive and delicate flavour.

The Cold Smoked Salmon is a great snack at any time of the day, and a delicious ingredient whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner time. Try it in sushi, in omelettes or with scrambled eggs, on a bagel with cream cheese, on a platter, or in a salad. This Cold Smoked Salmon is ideally suited in almost everything you can imagine. 

Storage: Keep chilled at 0-4°C

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