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Spain Aljomar Iberian Pork Chorizo Extra (pc)

Spain Aljomar Iberian Pork Chorizo Extra (pc)

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HK$504.0 HK$352.8 / unit (around 1.2kg) 30% Off
1.2kg stand for the average weight of the piece. We will invoice @ $29.4 / 100g based on actual weight.
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ALJOMAR is a well-known Spanish Iberian pork brand, a family business founded in 1989. ALJOMAR supports a Controlled Production and Manufacturing Cycle process to meet the strict requirements of quality control and food safety. It includes the raw material, the natural grains from our own feed factory, and the slaughter, quartering and curing of the product in our own facility of the final product.

Nestled in the Central System of Spain, the excellent microclimate of this region, with its cold, dry winters and short, warm summers creates the perfect conditions for the drying and maturation process of our hams. This region with an unparalleled microclimate creates the Iberico Ham from Guijuelo, "unique in the world".

It can serve as a cold appetizer with cheese, nuts, cantaloupe, figs, etc., or with salads or grilled vegetables.

Iberian Chorizo has a very tempting aroma from the sausage such as paprika, garlic, and oregano have their part to play. There is an excellent balance of meat to fat, it has been very well cured, a rich and juicy sausage. The fat melts so well on the palate and has a wonderful presentation when cut in sliced.

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