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US National Beef CAB Chuck Tail Flap

US National Beef CAB Chuck Tail Flap

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U.S. National Beef delivers the tender and juicy eating experience your customers expect from a premium beef selection, along with rich flavor and consistency in midwestern beef

It is committed to humanely and naturally raising cattle.

No added hormones and antibiotics.

Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is the true mark of high quality for Angus cattle. It is a registered trademark belonging to the American Angus Association. To be eligible for this certification, only Angus breeds of cattle can be inspected and need to meet the standards.

Taken from the shoulder blade of the castle. The fat proportion is relatively even, with a soft and tender texture, it is similar to beef short ribs, but not as oily as short ribs.

Storage: Keep Chilled at 0-4°C

Grain fed Grain fed

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