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 Wild Caught Seabass Whole G&G - Netherlands

Wild Caught Seabass Whole G&G - Netherlands

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The scientific name of the Sea Bass is Dicentrarchus labrax; it is also called Sea Dace. Its dorsal fin is covered with lethal prickles. Its body is elongated and silver, its caudal fin indented.
Mainly fished in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean, in Norway, in Morocco, in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, the Wild Sea Bass is a semi-fatty fish. Its average rate of fat is 3.9 %. It is an excellent source of protein and very rich in vitamins, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and even selenium.
The firm, white and delicate flesh has a slight taste of shellfish. It only contains a few bones yet stays intact during cooking.

Minimum Order : 1 Whole Fish - Gilled & Gutted (around 400g-600g per piece).

Storage : Keep chilled at 0-4°C
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