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Frozen NZ Hellaby Prime Steer Brisket Whole Primal Cut

Frozen NZ Hellaby Prime Steer Brisket Whole Primal Cut

Item #574007
HK$1400.0 / unit (around 7kg)
7kg stand for the average weight of the piece. We will invoice @ $20 / 100g based on actual weight.
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x unit

Hellaby grass-fed Prime Steer & Heifer, renowned the world over for its distinct full flavour, fine texture and natural leanness, also delivers added nutritional benefits such as CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), Omega 3 fatty acids and high-quality protein for maintaining great natural health.

Qualifying Prime Steer & Heifer meet stringent criteria for Age, Grade & pH Score, they are Free Range having never been confined to a feedlot, with No added Hormones ever.

New Zealand’s fertile lowlands deliver the perfect combination of lush pasture, clean water & long sunshine hours for consistently growing the highest quality grass-fed Hellaby prime steer & heifer.

All finished primal & cuts are strictly hand trimmed to specification and produced through a disciplined processing regime to consistently deliver maximum tenderness with a distinct full flavour taste.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

A free-cutting service will be offered. Customers can either choose to cut them into steak or dice.

Free Range Free Range Grass Fed Grass Fed No Added Hormones No Added Hormones

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