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NZ Big Glory Bay King Salmon Fillet

NZ Big Glory Bay King Salmon Fillet

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Big Glory Bay's King Salmon has dependably great flavor and texture, as well as beautiful color and luscious fat coating.

King Salmon contains more natural fish oil (Omega 3) than other types of salmon.

New Zealand King Salmon accounts for less than 1% of total global salmon production. Also known as Chinook Salmon. This rare species is notoriously difficult to produce, so Atlantic Salmon is the most consumed globally. King Salmon must be farmed with care in superior conditions, plenty of space to thrive, and minimal handling.

Big Glory Bay King Salmon are sustainably ocean-farmed in the pristine coastal waters of Big Glory Bay, Stewart Island, located at the very bottom of New Zealand. The bay's pure waters are constantly refreshed by cold currents, keeping the temperature at a chilly 12°C (54°F). That slows the salmon's growth, giving it time to develop its distinctive rich, smooth flavour.

Big Glory Bay King Salmon is sourced from pristine origins and rated as sashimi-grade quality, and can be consumed with peace of mind.

Storage: Keep chilled at 0-4°C

If no special cutting instructions, the salmon will be considered and cut in one piece.

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