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Freshly Chilled vs Frozen

All Freshly Chilled Items have NEVER been previously frozen.
All Frozen Items will be clearly marked “Frozen” at the beginning of product name.

Recommended Adult Portion

Meat & Fish: 180g – 200g per person
Mussels or Clams (in shell): 500g per person
Whole Fish: 350g per person
Turkey: 450g per person

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity for most of the meat & seafood is 200g.
*This is not applicable to baby pack.

Default Cutting

If special cutting & packing instructions are not given during checkout, most fresh meat & fish fillet will cut into steaks around 200g per piece by default.  

Cut to Your Specifications

All FRESHLY CHILLED MEAT & FISH are available to be cut to your specifications and vacuum packed for your convenience. You can specify your cutting and packing preferences by English or Chinese during the second step of the checkout procedure. If there is no special cutting & packing instruction, all fresh meat will cut by default. Examples of Special Cutting & Packing:

  • 2 x 200g salmon fillet, individual pack
  • Cut to 1 inch thick
  • 5 x 2" steaks
  • DON’T CUT, left in one piece for roasting

We will try to meet both weight and thickness criteria where possible. Sometimes this is not possible because the size of different cuts varies by season, producer and the variety of animal it comes from. For example:
Customer Requirement: 200g US ribeye steak cut 1” thick
In Fact: 1" thick US ribeye steak approx. weight 450g
Solution: we will use the thickness criteria and ignore the requested (ordered) weight to meet your requirement. This impacts the estimated cost of your order. Please mark on special cutting & packing instruction if you don’t want any impact on the cost (i.e. ignore the thickness request if it impacts the cost).

Moreover, there are some bone in items we cannot cut or portion. One piece of prime rib may weigh 1 kg but that is the weight of one rib. We can't cut this into 4 pieces. This will serve more than one person but you will have to carve it after cooking. (i.e. we don't cut bone in lamb legs or legs of ham)

Our FROZEN meat & fish is pre-cut with sizes and stocks being limited. As policy, we DON’T defrost, recut, repack and refreeze frozen items in order to meet specific requests. We can only choose between pieces to accommodate your requests. If we don’t have requested portion on hand, you may have to cut these yourself once the product thaws.

Baby Pack

We have some specially chosen items, which are tailor-made packed in 100g for babies at a fixed price. These include small sized fish from the exceptionally clean water. We do not use larger fish because it tends to accumulate naturally occurring heavy metals, especially mercury in their fatty tissues as they are older and larger.

Request Extra Individual Bag

Due to environmental concerns and the additional work required, we don't automatically vacuum pack each portion individually. Request for extra individual bags of less than 500g/pack will be charged $2.50/bag. E.g. 2x200g individually packed, bags charge 2x$2.5=$5. Please note we will not pack an individual bag of less than 100g*, and we will not repack those pre-packed items.  You will be contacted by email if we are unable to comply with your specific requests.
*This is not applicable to baby pack.

Vacuum Pack

Bone in items are exceptionally difficult to vacuum pack and we can't guarantee the integrity of the bag at the time of delivery. Meat with bones and fish with spines easily pierce the bags even though the bags are a food grade blend of PE and Nylon. If the bag is pierced we recommend eating the product ASAP or wrapping it in cling wrap and freezing the product to preserve quality.

Purchase Unit

Most of the meat and fish are sold by 100g as a base unit. This doesn't mean we cut this into 100g pieces. In certain cases, products sold by pack instead of a 100g base unit (i.e., sausages, whole tenderloins, etc.). The weight of some packs is fixed while others vary depending on the size of the product. Please refer to the description for each product.

Order Confirmation Amount ≠ Invoice Amount

We will try our best to cut to your ordered weight and size. Of course portioning meat and fish are an inexact science. We don’t trim to match the exact ordered weight because this ends up of wastage which increases cost. We invoice customers based on the exact weight of product packed. We try to stay within +/- 10% of the quantity ordered. Thanks for accepting the tolerance on the weight and size.

Use By Date in General*

Products are vacuum packed and labelled with “Use By” Dates. If you don't intend to consume the product before the Best By or Use By date, we suggest you freeze the product right away. The sooner the product is frozen, the better it will be when it's thawed.

Freshly Chilled Seafood: 3 days
Freshly Chilled Poultry: 3 days
Freshly Chilled Beef and Lamb: 7 days
Frozen Items: Refer to the label on packaging
* This is general use by date from the date of packaging. Please refer to the label on packaging for the exact date.

Metric Conversion Table

Required Ounces x 28.35g = Required Weight in Grams

Ounces (Oz)1oz2oz3oz4oz5oz6oz7oz8oz9oz10oz11oz12oz
Grams (g)28.35g56.70g85.05g113.40g141.75g170.1g198.45g226.80g255.15g283.50g311.84g340.19g

Required Pounds x 453.59g = Required Weight in Grams

Pounds (lb)1lb2lb3lb4lb5lb6lb7lb8lb9lb10lb11lb12lb
Grams (g)453.59g907.18g1360.78g1814.37g2267.96g2721.55g3175.15g3628.74g4082.33g4535.92g4989.52g5443.11g
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