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Check Upon Delivery

We check each piece individually before packing and try our best to minimize the bruising or damage by separating fruit & veggie from other goods during transit. However, it still can't be 100% guaranteed. We highly recommend you check the veggies & fruits of your order upon delivery. If you have any issue with appearance or question the freshness, please return these to the driver on the spot.

Why does Organic Produce Look Different?

All organic veggies & fruits are from natural sources. Organic veggies & fruits are naturally and organically grown, no two items will look identical and it won’t be huge in size. If you see some spots, marks or insect damages on it, this is all part of the pesticide free, fungicide free organic experience. Due to this, they may spoil quicker. However, this is how fresh produce is.

Pack in Plastic Bags

We pack veggies and fruits in plastic bags for general protection. It doesn’t mean that is the best way of storing them for extended periods.

Immediately Transfer to Freezer for Frozen Items

We pack the frozen veggies & fruits to your door in cooler bags and make every effort to deliver them as frozen as possible. On arrival, they need to be immediately transferred to the freezer. If you are not home and have requested to have frozen berries left in a box with ice packs, we cannot guarantee they will still be frozen solid hours later.

Purchase Unit & Price

Fresh veggies & fruits sell in a variety of ways: (i)by packs, (ii)by bags, (iii)by piece, (iv)by weight. To shorten the process time for increasing freshness of veggies & fruits, we may sell the products before they arrive. We thank you for understanding that product size differs from week to week because all of them are naturally grown. For examples: If you order 200g of leek and the smallest is 400g, you will have to take one leek (we won't be splitting it down the middle). If you are unhappy having to take more, you can inform us when you receive your invoice or when the product is being delivered. We will strike it from the invoice.

Use By Date

Fresh veggies & fruits will not have 'best by' or 'use by' date. How long it lasts is largely depend on how well it is stored and quality is subject to personal tastes.

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