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Frozen US Akaushi Wagyu MS6-8 Steak Combo

Frozen US Akaushi Wagyu MS6-8 Steak Combo

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The combo includes Two U.S. Akaushi sirloin steaks and ribeye steaks respectively.

  • Frozen US Akaushi BMS6-8 Sirloin Steak 300g X 2
  • Frozen US Akaushi BMS6-8 Ribeye Lip On 300g X 2

Akaushi (Japanese Red Cattle) originated and evolved in Kumamoto, Japan. Akaushi cattle are red in color and are more muscular in appearance. It was developed to withstand the challenging climate and physiographic features of Kumamot.

Akaushi is characterized by less marbling and mainly red meat (lean meat). Moderate marbling meat is not easy to cause indigestion, so it is matching with the healthy trend nowadays.

The cattle are never implanted with hormones, are fed an all-natural vegetarian diet and are not given antibiotics or beta-agonists in the feeding phase of life.

The high-fat content in Akaushi cattle leaves less room for muscle fiber and collagen, making the beef notably more tender than other breeds. It also gives it a deep, buttery taste, unlike any other beef on the American market.

B.M.S value (Beef Marbling Standard) represents the Wagyu marbling distribution, these two steaks reach grade 6-8, with a fine marbling distribution, you can feel the sweetness and aroma.

Storage: Keep frozen at -18°C or below

No Added Hormones No Added Hormones

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