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South Stream Market - Quality Food to your Door

Why South Stream

Always Fresh


We've been sourcing direct for over 20 years and buying from dedicated quality producers to always provide you with peace of mind
Always Fresh


We are committed to supporting ethical and sustainable fishing and farming through close relationship with our producers
Always Fresh

Great Value

We buy direct wherever possible so we can pass the savings onto our customers
Always Fresh

Made to order

Unlike many online retailers, we actually cut your meat, seafood, cheeses and much more... exactly the way you like it
Always Fresh

Meet the Artisans

At South Stream Market we are passionate about working with expert producers, farmers and suppliers from around the world. As part of our commitment to bringing you the best products available, we have created a dedicated space where you can find out more about some of our celebrated artisans and what makes their products so special. We will be adding to this section regularly so be sure to check it out each time you logon.
Always Fresh

Catering & Events

Do you love our food but don’t have enough time to cook? Then let us help you to cook it for you. From private dinner parties and birthday celebrations to barbecues & corporate events, we’ve got you covered. Contact our team today to book the date.
Always Fresh

Recipes & Blog

Our own recipes, constantly updated with new content and cooking guidelines to help you in the kitchen
Always Fresh

Delicious Deals

Here at South Stream Market we know how much our customers love a good deal. Check our Special offers and promotions for the best online deals.
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